General Rental Conditions

1 – Rental period – extension – termination – payment – mileage – deposit – cancellation

The rental is granted for the period determined in the contract except by conventional extension granted by the lessor. In the absence of return, at the agreed dates and times, the lessor reserves the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the expense of the lessee.

In the event of termination during the contract, the total rental amount remains due to the lessor. The full amount of the rental is to be paid when picking up the vehicle either in euro cash or visa or mastercard credit card.

Mileage is unlimited – baby seats and booster seats are offered free of charge subject to availability. The pick-up and return of the vehicle is between 7h and 19h, beyond a flat rate of 20 € is applied.

Payment of a deposit is required prior to any booking confirmation.

It is proportional to the total amount of the reservation and is payable by visa or mastercard credit card only.

After a withdrawal period of 14 days, this deposit is retained in the event of cancellation (for any reason), the customer being free to subscribe to the cancellation insurance of his choice.

2 – Profile and age of the driver

Only the driver (s) designated in the contract can take the wheel.
Age: minimum 21 years old and minimum 2 years driving license.
The original driving license (no photocopy or photo of the driving license) must be presented upon conclusion of the contract. The loan of the steering wheel is prohibited.

3 – Deductible

A maximum excess of € 1,200 applies to each vehicle rental, this is guaranteed by a visa or mastercard credit card indicated in the contract (international credit card comprising 16 digits, expiration date and CVV) or by the cash delivery (returned upon return of the vehicle)
No deposit charged at the start of the rental, the credit card is only charged in the event of further damage to the vehicle.
Possibility of partial redemption of the franchise for an additional 8 euro per day, the excess is reduced to 500 €.

4 – Diligence of the tenant

The lessee has legal custody of the vehicle, and is responsible for it. He agrees, outside of driving periods, to lock the vehicle with the key and not to leave any visible objects inside the vehicle.
The tenant is required to take care of the vehicle and park it in a safe place (not under coconut trees for example) The tenant is responsible for the vehicle on the road as well as when parked.

It is prohibited to use it or to allow its use for anything other than private, in particular :
• for the transport of people or objects for a fee
• to propel or tow all vehicles, trailers or other objects
• for any test, motor racing or competition
• under the influence of an alcoholic state or under the effect of drugs or substances that modify the reflexes essential for driving
• in contravention of any customs regulations or the highway code, or any other regulations.

5 – Return of the vehicle

In the event that the tenant does not return all the equipment and accessories provided by the lessor with the vehicle, the rental period will be extended until the lessee returns an official declaration of loss or theft, the latter remaining required to pay during this period the amount of the rental, and also taking responsibility for the costs of reconstitution or repair of equipment and accessories. The official declaration of theft must be made to a judicial body (police). Only persons who are parties to the contract by name may make this declaration.
Once he signs the rental contract and takes possession of the vehicle, the lessee acknowledges that the vehicle is in good working order and without apparent defects other than those indicated in the contract. He agrees to return it to the lessor with all equipment and accessories, including the vehicle keys, which have been given to him, in identical condition to the place, date and time stipulated in the contract. Late return of the vehicle at the agreed time results in an increase of one rental day. Any reservation on the condition of the vehicle, equipment or accessories provided must be made by the lessee when taking charge of the vehicle.
The loss or the breakage of the keys will generate an additional invoicing.

6 – Fuel

The lessor delivers the vehicle with a sufficient level of fuel, the customer will return the vehicle with the same level of fuel. Any lack of fuel will be billed at a price of 1.50 euros per liter and will be debited directly to the credit card provided by the tenant at the start of the rental.

7 – Maintenance, repairs, conditions of use

The lessor regularly checks all levels of oil, water and other fluids. However, the tenant agrees to report any defect found after the start of the rental.
The necessary interventions will only be carried out by the rental company in the garage of their choice.

8 – Insurance

Only the driver (s) named in the said contract will be able to claim the status of insured.
They are guaranteed against the following risks beyond the deductible indicated in the contract :
• civil liability insurance (all risks) theft – fire – legal protection for traffic accidents, broken glass isolated, climatic events, natural disasters, collision damage, accident damage, bodily injury to the driver, assistance to people on the move
• the deductible paid by the customer remains in the possession of the lessor until the final insurance decision.
• the deductible can only be reimbursed to the customer in the event that the wrongs are against the third party and the latter or his insurance pays the amount. In the event of an accident where the tenant is solely responsible or without an identified third party, the damage caused will be his responsibility up to the deductible. The costs of immobilization and (one or more) towing will be the responsibility of the customer, according to the rate per day in force on the date of the incident during the entire repair period, and management costs caused by the incident. .
• Under penalty of being forfeited of the insurance, the tenant agrees to report to the lessor within 24 hours any accident, theft or fire, or other damage caused to the vehicle, to mention in his declaration the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the name and address of the witnesses, the number of the opponent’s car, to attach to this declaration any police report or bailiff’s report, if any, to under no circumstances discuss responsibility or deal with or deal with third parties in relation to the accident.
• The clothes and objects transported are not guaranteed in any way.
• The car is only insured for the rental period indicated on the contract. After this period, and unless the extension is accepted, the lessor declines all responsibility for accidents that the lessee may have caused and which he will have to do his own business.
• Finally, there is no insurance for any driver without a valid driver’s license. The “individual persons transported” and “damage to the rented vehicle” risks are also not covered when the driver is intoxicated while driving or under the influence of drugs.
• The lessor declines all responsibility for accidents to third parties or damage to the vehicle that the lessee could cause during the rental period if he has deliberately provided the lessor with false information concerning his identity, his address or the validity of his driving license. and there is no valid insurance in this case.
The persons transported are third parties covered as such in the event of an accident.

9 – Responsibilities

The tenant remains solely responsible for the fines, tickets and reports drawn up against him. All disputes that may arise between the lessor and the lessee fall within the jurisdiction of the Court of Victoria – Mahé – Seychelles.